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We aim to inspire those we work with to seek out a lifestyle they desire and get there through strategic, easy to understand advice and planning they can own — whatever life stage they're at.

We are all from different backgrounds and that's exactly it — no two journeys are the same. For what it's worth, that's what we believe is so exciting about life, it's about picking and creating opportunities that are unique to you, which is what we do with each and everyone of our clients.

The business was founded by Paul Giordano, who has almost two decades of experience in financial advice, to be focused on financial strategy and planning, a fresh start with clear goals and less of a focus on products. While the industry has had some ups and downs, the entire team have a passion for providing advice that changes people’s lives for the better and they love to see their clients living a lifestyle they have designed for themselves based on what they truly want out of life.


our difference

Looking through a 'financial strategy' lense is an important differentiation for Park Lane. The approach is more involved, and outwardly focused than traditional financial planning, although it does share common threads. What people don't realise about financial strategy is that it starts now, and isn't about putting ideas in place for retirement, but about how to live life now, in the near future, a few years down the track and maybe then how that translates to retirement. It's about designing and maintaining a lifestyle suited to you — the strategy and advice is a collaborative formalised approach to getting there.

We're as diverse as our clients are so we’re used to working with all kinds of people with different goals and requirements. What’s important to us is instilling positivity knowing the impact we can have on a client’s lifestyle goals and ensuring they have the best possible roadmap to get there.


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What our happy clients say about us

"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Paul for many years and have found his knowledge of the industry and advice towards my circumstances outstanding. I rest easy knowing my financial affairs are administered by Paul and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking quality financial advice".
"Paul has a good understanding of my needs and matches investments to my risk profile. We have robust and balanced discussions before entering into any investment. "
"Fiona has given me help and advice on my retirement planning involving Super and Government obligations. Both my wife and I, after the meeting, made the decision to switch our Super from our existing financial planner to Fiona. During this process, I felt very comfortable with her assistant whom I found to be very knowledgeable. During this set up time and having to deal with the Covid protocol, they were always available when needed. I am very happy with the decision we made".
"Without their advice and guidance, now, and years ago, my existence would be quite different. In a strange way I’ve trusted him with my life".
Business Owner
"You want this team in your corner when your life and health meander off course unexpectedly".

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