Private Wealth

We provide a range of strategically tailored services and solutions specifically designed for those with established wealth of between $5-50 million.

Your needs differ, you have less time to manage your money and financial administration, your structures are more complex and your network of professional advisers is larger.

We act as your Trusted Advisor, Asset Manager, Confidant, and Personal Office. We help curate and manage the professionals you work with, we provide solutions that deliver the outcomes you need and reduce the time you need to devote to them.

We do the hard work, so you can focus on building your legacy and spend more of your limited time, living the lifestyle you desire.

When it comes to managing larger investment portfolios, we do it differently, unlike our peers we are not tied to investment structures that are manufactured internally and designed for scale. We procure a vast set of inputs and expertise internally and from the best minds in the industry to deliver unique and unconstrained investment portfolios that are specifically designed to deliver on your ‘why’.

No matter the investment structure or style our flexible approach, experience, network and technology stack, allows us to advise and report to you on all asset types and structures. Maximising the investment universe available and maximising the outcome for you.

Key advice Areas

— 1

Investment Strategy and Asset Allocation

— 2

Private Equity & Venture Capital

— 3

Tax and Asset Protection Strategy

— 4

Investment Advice and Portfolio Management

— 5

Personal Office & Administration

— 6

Personal & Business Wealth Protection

— 7

Intergenerational Wealth Planning

— 8

Curated and Managed Professional Service Providers

— 9

Financial Modelling and Strategy

— 10

— 11

— 12

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