Wealth Transfer

Transferring wealth to future generations is about more than drafting a Will. Estate Planning is a time to consider the big questions.  What legacy do you want to leave?  What are your hopes and dreams for your family?  Are your children ready to inherit?  What advice, support or oversight do they need? What conflicts may arise? Who will make decisions or care for you if you can’t? Who will care for you children?

Your answers will help shape the ongoing advice we provide about how you structure, build and protect your wealth. As you navigate changes in your family or financial world, our advice will ensure that what’s important to you remains at the heart of your Estate Plan.

Estate Planning has many implications from tax, to legals and even conflict resolution.

We help you uncover what’s important, set and clarify your estate planning goals and wishes and we deliver you an Estate Planning Briefing Paper ready for your solicitor to construct the legal documents.

This as an incredibly important process in any financial strategy and is an opportunity to ensure the wealth you've accumulated in your lifetime is transferred carefully and strategically to the people you care most about in the right way and at the right time.

Key advice Areas

— 1

Identify key considerations for your Estate Plan.

— 2

Choosing Executors.

— 3

Beneficiaries and key considerations for each.

— 4

Testamentary Trusts.

— 5

Guardians for Minors.

— 6

Power of Attorney (Financial) and Enduring Guardianships (Medical) key considerations.

— 7

Minimising taxes, court costs, and unnecessary legal fees.

— 8

Transfer of Business’ and their assets.

— 9

Key considerations when providing for family members with special needs.

— 10

— 11

— 12

Design your future lifestyle.
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