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James Purvis


James Purvis has over 40 years’ experience in investment management, research, and advice. This has included managing investment portfolios, asset allocation as well as assessing and rating fund managers. Since 1976, he has held senior actuarial, investment and management roles in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Brussels, and New York. He has served as Chief Executive of four investment management firms, and also, of two life insurance companies. He has also served as the Chief Investment Officer of a firm specialising in investment and financial advice for high-net-worth clients. James is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia. He has a BA in Actuarial Studies and Demography (Macquarie University), a Diploma of Finance and Accounting (Chisholm) and a Master of International Public Health (University of Sydney). He is also the Chief Examiner for the Investment Subject in the Fellowship course of the Actuaries Institute.