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Michael Mooney


Michael joined the life insurance industry in 1970 and has been providing continuous life insurance advice to his clients since this date. The wealth of product knowledge and depth of experience he has gained working in the industry enables him to provide very specific and personalised life insurance advice to his clients. He also has expertise in group risk for professional services partnerships and corporate entities. “I have been privileged to be involved in the life insurance industry all my working life and I am constantly reminded of the value our industry provides protecting wives, husbands, families, lifestyles, assets & business’ against those events which threaten us on a daily basis. Over many years I have built strong relationships, not only with my clients, but also with the insurers who provide the insurance protection my clients seek. I believe my intimate knowledge of these insurers and their policies’ wordings, terms & conditions is a major difference between my service proposition & that of my fellow advisers in the industry. In the event of a claim I ensure that delivery is fast and as painless as possible to my client. Customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business”.